When Luxmi and Rishi asked me to have their Story Film and Same Day Edit to be played as a their intro at the reception, I had no idea we would end up with such a powerful film to start off the night! Usually The Story Film is a separate piece about the couple and their story, however this time we needed to come up with a short film that would include both the couple’s profile as well as Same Day Edit, and not be too long as a night opener. This film incorporated many meaningful and personal touches. Everything from the song choice, the lyrics and their story, even their favourite popcorn. It all comes together as a very personal and cohesive film. When we shot this a week before the wedding, Luxmi and Rishi were still unpacking the boxes at the condo that they just moved into a few weeks back. It was a great way to spend a day for them, both shooting and crossing some of the tasks off of their long wedding/moving in list. The park that we shot at is the park where they go for a walk or a bike ride all the..READ MORE

  1. Great work Konrad! You are a great storyteller.

  2. Oren says:

    Superb work, as always. I love the story you put together for these two. They’re so smart to have chosen you to capture the emotions of their day.

  3. Michelle says:

    Geez Konrad you really know how to make me tear up! Seriously stunning!

  4. Linda says:

    Konrad, these are fabulous and wish there were more!!

  5. Jason LeFrense says:

    Your work is shit hot bro, the best in the industry right now. Great job.

  6. David says:

    Genius! Awesome work KK.

  7. Amish says:

    Dude. As someone who see’s a lot of Indian weddings, this is miles ahead of anything I see out here in the west coast. Keep it fresh K.

It’s time to finally start posting on the blog! So be prepared for a weekly dose of new films. The first up is Vivienne and Michael’s SDE, shown at Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto on July 30th. After meeting Vivienne at least 10 times, going over 10s of topics, even meeting her friends , it was finally time for the wedding. I must say, it is so awesome to work with so many people that you know. From a planner, Melissa from Et Lofte Events, photographer Claudia Hung, to a make-up artist Rhia. And to top this off, we arrived at Timothy Eaton Church greeted by a very familiar priest who likes the way we work. What more could I ask for? It was really a perfect day with a great party at the end… Yes, I did end up on the dance floor… without a camera! Vivienne recently became a nurse and she got a dream position in maternity care. Clearly, she and Michael love kids, so what better way to intro an SDE than this.. Enjoy! Konrad

  1. Oh the beginning just melted my heart! GREAT WORK!!!

  2. Konrad says:

    Thank you to everyone for commenting!

  3. Troy says:

    Krazy-Fresh is back!

  4. Sabrina says:

    This was so beautiful!!! Well done Konrad! I LOVE how you captured the groom’s reaction and emotions…very moving.

  5. Rhia says:

    yes, Konrad!!! amaaazing. as always. hi-five buddy!

  6. Andrea says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Such a beautiful way to sum up a perfect day.

  7. Joee Wong says:

    Just beautiful bro. The processional sequence was so sick ! And the grooms reaction was just priceless. Awesome SDE !

  8. Yeah! some new work. Shot Konrad, Your blog is now going on my shortcuts menu. Love it

  9. John Moon says:

    Loved this K. Great flow.

  10. Melissa says:

    Awesome work Konrad!

  11. Vicky & Ricky says:

    Awesome! This is beautiful and sweet!

  12. Dave says:

    Great work man! :)

  13. Lauren says:

    dude. seriously. you’re incredible. the opening shots really brought this to a new level I’m proud I get to call you my friend :)

    P.S. vivienne is GORGEOUS!

  14. Raechelle says:

    I love it! It sums up your beautiful wedding!! Congrats again!


February 6th, 2011

Hello world! The blog is up! It’s been a long journey up till know. I have spent the entire last year under the radar, yet I have been blessed with a tremendous success in my first unleashed year. Thank you to all who helped me along the way, and you know who you are. To all my friends who were there for me, to all my couples who have been working with me all last year and who’s weddings I’m yet to shoot between 2011 and 2012. Thank you for seeing pass the gmail account, lol. Huge thank you to my branding team who has been there for me throughout the entire process. And it wasn’t easy. Defining who you are and who you want to be as an artist, as a business owner, but also as a person – it’s hard. End result – Freshsox is truly who we are. Who’s we? Mainly me, Krazy they call me. However behind a great success there are always more people than you think. In the near future, you will see them officially on the site. Without being tacky, big thanks to Marta, my great wife, most picky critic and best friend...READ MORE

  1. David Alonso says:

    Kongratz Konrad!! keep doing amazing works! <3

  2. DS MEDIA says:

    AMAZING !!! Can’t wait to see more greatness from you this year !

  3. It was great meeting you at bella and steve’s wedding, i was an instant fan of your work! will definitely stalk your blog on a regular basis to see what new masterpieces you come up with!

    All the best in your new adventure konrad!

    btw, your daughter is so sweet!!

  4. Chris says:

    Kongrats on your new Krazy venture! What happened to our beer month? Can’t wait to see more Krazy production from you.

  5. David Perry says:

    Konrad! Super sweet site. Fresh and clean :) Excited to learn more from the master so I’ll be checking back often. Sad I’ll be out of the country (Ukraine) during your workshop but would love to catch you next time around brother. This website was worth the wait and I’m excited to see what’s next!

  6. Sunni says:

    Congats Brother For Freshsox

  7. Michael says:

    Congats from Michael, Chrystalle and Shepp!! I would like to book you for Shepp’s wedding in 2036. Hopefully you still have openings.

  8. Mark Castro says:

    Congratulations Konrad. Having the opportunity to meet you for a full week in Canada, and getting to know you personally- who you are and where you came from, gives us all hope that we too can make a difference in our own world. Keep up the good work and hit me up when you come visit Dallas even though i know its not any time soon, yet :) /mc ( @redrockmark )

    • Konrad says:

      Thank you, Mark. It means a lot!

      I must admit that I still cannot believe how blessed I am to be doing what I love and how things have snowballed for me in a matter of few years.

  9. David Stone says:

    Great job crazy K, may you be richly blessed by it.

  10. Jason says:

    At last! And worth the wait! This site! This brand is you brother! Congratulations!

    You said you were under the radar, I felt you were just fortifying your foundations!

    See you soon!

    • Konrad says:

      Haha! Well said.
      I’m super happy you like it! We almost went some other direction but I’m so happy that we ended up with the brand as it is now. It truly is me, as you said. It was a bold move. I love it cause it says Krazy without saying Krazy :)

  11. Kongrats Konrad!! Very happy for you my friend.. Anything is possible for you and your Krazy talents.

  12. Huge congrats on the website launch, not that a guy with your talent even needs a web presence. d;-) We’ll kick it next time you’re in Miami supastar.

  13. Steve Moses says:

    “I am as curious as you where this journey will take us.” It will take you to wonderful places Konrad, places that will touch the hearts of your couples. You will be very successful my friend…how do I know this? Because you already are. Godspeed Krazy K….. it’s gonna be a great journey.

  14. Joee says:

    AMAZING !!! Can’t wait to see more greatness from you this year !

Hello in TRY ON section, where you get to know me, see my personal projects and find out what is important for me. I’ve waited a long time to share this personal clip. It’s an invitation for our daughter’s 1st birthday party last may. Instead of regular card invitation, we sent out this funny little piece Zuzanna, or as we call her – Zuzia wasn’t too cooperative with the wooden blocks and Marta (lovely wife of mine) had to really rush with them. The polish words put together with the wooded blocks basically mean: We’re inviting you to Zuzia’s 1st birthday party. Oh my, she has changed so much in the last 9 months. Konrad

  1. Jessica Lewington says:

    I still love her just as much as I did the first day I met her. She looks so much like the both of you :) Miss you guys.

  2. I will surely bookmark this. Great blog.

  3. Jennifer Hui Cheung says:

    K! I love this. It’s incredibly cute! Now, you have definitely neglected to mention just how gorgeous your little Zu is; cute is an understatement! She has the most beautiful eyes.

    I’m totally convinced now. You have to come shoot my kid one day. I’m even thinking you could make a murder scene look glamorous so maybe even the labor part. :P

    Always your fan, your forever bride, always biased,

  4. Greg Lassik says:

    Konrad, you’ve been a great friend to me, and did an amazing job on my same day edit for my wedding. I am very happy for you not only because you have a beautiful little girl who is an amazing actress, but because I think FreshSox (FS) will be a company which makes amazing films and cares deeply about who they are making them for. Go get ‘em!

  5. Konrad says:

    I’m smiling like Krazy now :) Thank you for such a warm comment, Sabrina.

  6. Sabrina says:

    On a cold, cold day this video made my heart melt! :) She is positively adorable. And I agree, every parent is going to be wanting one of these! Well done!

  7. Luxmi says:

    LOOOOOVE That!!!! She is so adorable!

  8. Konrad says:

    I’m her daddy after all :)

  9. Sunni says:

    She is so cute and she looks like u konrad. i can see her eyes

  10. Wanda says:

    Super cute! She’s getting so big! Love your new brand/site Konrad. We wish you so much success with Fresh Sox and the Film Foundry. Can’t wait to see where the future takes you on your journey as one of the best of the best filmmakers.

  11. Dennis Wood says:

    Konrad, that may have been the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You need, need, need to do this for other folks with young ones. What a priceless memory you’ve captured here for you, Marta and especially Zuzia!

    Congratulations Konrad..we’ll be supporting you however we can :-)

    Dennis Wood

    • Konrad says:

      Thank you, Dennis! It’s fascinating to see her grow so fast. And you know that process better than me.
      You’ve already showed me a great support up till now which I really appreciate.
      Thank you for everything!